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Take Control of your Digital Assets

How our software can help your business?

  • Centralised Location For All Digital Media

    Our software provides your company with a dedicated access area for all your media. A centralised hub offers quick, easy access to any material required. A real time saver for fast moving businesses.

  • User Credentials & Access Permissions

    A user based access system gives employees access, while keeping others out. Setup of accounts is very straight-forward, and can be done in very little time.

  • Easy & Convenient Search Function

    Search functions allow users to quickly locate assets saving you time and money. You can also use the advanced search functions to save them for the future.

  • Reduce File Duplication & Revision Errors

    Data duplication is a nightmare for many companies. Controlling old copies and revisions makes the task even harder. DAM software provides revision information to give people peace of mind they are using the latest copy.

  • Backup Of All Your Assets

    We know how precious your data is to you. Clanpress takes redundancy and backups very seriously, with multiple backups daily and weekly. We can help provide you with the security needed so you can concentrate on other areas

  • Knowledge

    Our friendly members of staff are always willing to help. Call us today!

  • Want to know more?

    Software demonstrations can be arranged. Contact us today on 01553 772737 to discuss with a member of the team

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